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Mirror Ball Towers


Rental Price

complete, with SQUIGGLE RODS / MIRROR BALL :


36" Wooden Mini Tower with Spandex Cover & MIRROR BALL Topper*


36" Wooden Mini Tower with Spandex Cover, Wooden Disc, 8 SQUIGGLE RODS & MIRROR BALL Topper*


components :


Mirror Ball Topper*


Light Base


Light Base with Spandex Cover


Spandex Cover ONLY for Light Base


Mirror Ball ONLY


Turner Motor with Hologram Cover


Hologram Cover ONLY for Turner Motor


Bent Metal Support Rod for Mirror Ball


Squiggle Rods (36") Individually :


with spandex cover


without spandex cover


Spandex Cover ONLY for Squiggle Rods


*Mirror Ball Topper Includes: Mirror Ball, Turner Motor, Mirror Ball Light Base with Spandex Cover, and Bent Metal Support Rod

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